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Fantasy & adventure collide in The Golden Knight Live! Based on the popular children's book series, this 35-40 minute show will be sure to keep your children on the edge of their seats! Did we mention the the cool characters, the costumes, & the sword fighting?

The show follows the journey of Marsonee the Archangel & Princess Rainna as they bring a farmboy named Justin to the ancient city of Rone to fulfill the prophecy of the Golden Knight and the attempts of the evil sorcerer to stop them. Themes of good and evil. We provide the set, the show and books, t-shirts, posters. Great for schools, churches, & fundraising!

Our live performance features sound and light effects, sword fighting, original contemporary rock songs and a well acted story. The children will be on the edge of their seats as they watch this medieval, fantasy adventure story unfold. Great costumes, an engaging story make The Golden Knight Live! a hit among young audiences! Themes in the story regarding good and evil. Rated G.

The characters, stories and illustrations are product of father and son team, Steven and Justin Clark. Their series include The Golden Knight, Elisha Lightning, Blue Dove and the Empress Kay-Li and the Soul Ripper.

We will work with you to fit your budget. Our show is a fantasy/adventure about a farm boy, an angel and a princess who are called by the King to fulfill a prophecy about the Golden Knight and find the Keeper of the ancient Book. The show is very colorful. Most shows are 35-40 minutes long. We have shows that are appropriate for public school settings, as well as shows geared towards churches. Shows can feature music or without music. We will also do a meet and greet so children can ask questions about the characters, the writing processing, etc.

Our show is part of the New Horizons Performing Arts touring theatre troup. Our goal is to provide family-friendly, children's entertainment. Our show is perfect for elementary to middle school assemblies, church ministries, festivals and fundraising events. We work with clients to provide an exciting and rewarding experience for the children. If you can provide the venue, we can provide the set, the actors/actresses and a super performance! We also provide a meet and greet where the kids can meet the characters, ask questions, purchase merchandise and have autographs signed or pictures taken!

Depending on the type of event, there is no advanced fee to book an appearance. We work with you to determine ticket prices, etc. We only ask that we be allowed to sell merchandise (books, t-shirts and posters). We are extremely flexible and can work with you to make an affordable and rewarding event! Call us today at 404-512-6892 for further information or email us at

The Golden Knight Live cast performing at West End Academy in Birmingham, AL.

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