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If God is Love, Why are Some Christians Such Nasty People?

This is a difficult blog to write which is why I am going to keep it short. I’m a Christian, but something has been weighing heavy on my heart. Maybe I’ll get attacked for it or maybe it will start a genuine conversation. So here it goes. If Christ is love and we are called as Christians to be the living example of Christ’s love on earth, why are so many Christians such nasty people? Every where you look, be it in your church, your neighborhood, on social media, Christians just come across as plain mean. How did this happen? Did our faith intersect too much with our politics that now even Christians see the world as an “us versus them” scenario? Are we too focused on keeping those who are different out, that we have forgotten that our mission is to bring people in? Isn’t Christ’s altar big enough for all of us? Don’t worry. God is the Creator and I’m pretty sure He built enough houses in Heaven for all of us.

Let’s be fair. We’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. Christians aren’t perfect. We all are sinners. And there are millions upon millions of Christians every day who are actively doing God’s work throughout the world. They’re in the trenches, rolling up their sleeves, getting dirty, helping others and spreading the Gospel. But, we cannot ignore the millions of people leaving the church each year because of negative interactions with their fellow Christians. Ex-Christian or Fallen Away Christian is now the largest Christian denomination in the world. If we are going to be so quick to point the finger at others, maybe we should turn that mirror and look at ourselves. Can we really afford to be Sunday morning Christians, worshipping and singing God’s praises, only to leave church and treat people like dirt the rest of the week?

I don’t know the answer. But, here is what I would suggest. Christ showed us a life worthy of imitation. He gave us great teachings and parables, all showcasing God’s incredible love for each and every one of us. Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins, opening the way to eternal salvation. This is not just good news, it is great news. It is a message worth sharing with everyone we meet. It’s a message that transforms us individually and collectively as a community. It gives every single human being on earth dignity and worth. It should uplift us, inspire us to action, and bring us closer to the living God and to one another. I’m going to try harder to represent Christ better. I hope you will too.

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Feb 10, 2021

Why are Some Christians Such Nasty People?

That question can bring up different responses.

-You have those that are nasty because they come across as entitled or demanding, like when they are customers in a store or restaurant.

-You have those that are nasty because of their posts or tweets, be it political or against something sinful.

-You can have those that are nasty because they grew up in the church, and are blind to their own sins, simply because no

one took the time to point it out to them. They walk thinking they're good with God, and so they can do no wrong.

-You also have those that are nasty by walking around with a "fire and brimstone"…

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