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They all were chasers of the Son’s light…
Powered by the mysterious Elijah bracelet, rebellious teen-ager, Leslie Billings, becomes the super powered, lightning fast super heroine, Elisha Lightning!

While battling her arch nemesis, the Paradox Runner, in the Arizona desert, Elisha Lightning witnesses a blazing fireball come crashing to earth from outer space. From out of the wreckage, an extraterrestrial being named Solstice emerges. And Solstice carries a secret power that the empire of Baal must possess. Knowing that the evil, bounty craving Moon Hunter has been sent after him to earth, Solstice seeks help and refuge.

Can Elisha Lightning defeat the Paradox Runner? Can she prevent the Moon Hunter from finding Solstice? Will Leslie manage to pass her history test? Begin the adventure in this new action packed series, Elisha Lightning!

Elisha Lightning #1: Chasers of the Light is beautifully decorated with over 15 illustrations. Let the race begin!


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