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The Advocate Strikes!
Who Can Withstand the Power of the Advocate?

Anthony Blake is the playboy teen-ager that has it all. Fast cars. Loads of money. A mansion on the beach. And, of course, he’s dating the most popular girl in high school, beautiful but head strong cheerleader, Natalee Bennett. But, Anthony Blake hides a secret. Since the tragic death of his parents two years ago, Anthony has donned the persona of the mysterious winged crime fighter, the Blue Dove, soaring over the dark streets of Border City, Florida protecting the innocent from harm.

It is time for the West Border High School Homecoming dance and Natalee Bennett is preparing to bask in the glory of her coronation as Homecoming queen. Little does anyone know, the Caiphas Cult, a secret society dating back to the time of Christ, has come to town. Their mission is to destroy all the ancient relics of Christianity. Led by the supernaturally powered villain, the Advocate, the Cult has set their sights on an ancient Bible protected by a group of nuns known only as the Sisters of Veronica. When Natalee accidentally is identified as one of the Sisters of Veronica and comes into possession of the Bible manuscript containing the hidden location of the tomb of Veronica, the Caiphas Cult moves in.

The Blue Dove saga begins as our hero must face the awesome power of the Advocate and rescue Natalee from the evil clutches of the Caiphas Cult. Can the Blue Dove succeed all before the Homecoming dance?

The Blue Dove #1 is beautifully decorated with over 16 illustrations. Begin the adventure today!


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