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A legend reborn...


Princess Raina has escaped Devon Castle with the ancient Book of Wisdom. Marsonee the archangel and Justin the farm boy journey to the fallen city of Rone. As their paths collide on a dark road, an even greater challenge awaits them in the catacombs of the old cathedral of Rone. 


Can Justin remove the sword and become the Golden Knight? Is the Keeper among us? Who is the mysterious figure known only as the Prince?


Flar, the evil fire lord, and his sorcerer, Murlox, have learned the identity of the Keeper and are determined to prevent the prophecy from being fufilled. Summoning a powerful Demon from the pits of the underwolds. Flar and Murlox lead an army of fire soliders to attack Rone. 


New allies and new dangers await our heros as the Keeper is revealed, the Golden Kniht is reborn and the battle of the ancient city of Rone begins. 

The Golden Knight #2: The Battle for Rone

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