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ELISHA LIGHTNING #1: Chasers of the Light Part 3

The explosion rocked the desert, sending a roar that could be heard for miles. A sheet of flame rose into the night sky. Elisha Lightning slid to a halt just outside the center of the blast site.

“I wasn’t fast enough,” she cried. Inside the flames, she could swear there was the

silhouette of a figure. The heat and flames did not seem to harm it. “What is that? Is it a


She approached the burning crater, but the intense heat forced her back. Elisha Lightning could see the wreckage of the shattered car.

The darkened figure walked effortlessly through the fire. It stopped at the driver’s side door of the car and reached inside the shattered window. He removed the lifeless body of


“What are you?” Elisha Lightning called out. “Is he alive?”

The brightness of the flames intensified, blinding her view. The figure knelt down. The

wreckage of the vehicle slowly faded and disappeared as it was consumed by the fire. She wiped her eyes. Elisha Lightning carefully refocused her eyes again to see that only the

silhouetted figure remained. Dakota’s body was gone. The fire continued to burn, but now

it gave off no light or heat.

“What is happening?” Elisha Lightning said, gazing into the smoldering wreckage.

“There is only one person left in the flames. Who are you!?!”

The silhouette stepped forward.

“My name is Solstice,” the figure calmly said with a smile. He was unaffected by the

heat of the fire. “I am a follower of the Son.”

Solstice appeared to be a young human. He had a bushy head of green hair tied back in

a ponytail with a red streak directly in front. His outfit was predominantly green and yellow of

various space designs with a white bodysuit that shined of silver underneath.

He took another step toward Elisha Lightning.

“What did you say?” she asked. “There are people living on the sun?”

“There is only one Son,” Solstice continued. “And this Son has many faces. We all belong to the Son.”

“Look, smoke stack, or whatever your name is,” she quipped. “I’m not touching what

you’re saying with a ten-foot pole. I don’t even pay attention in science class. We are talking

about science, right?”

“I speak of the Son of the Light,” Solstice replied. “My name is Solstice.”

“Where is the person who was inside the car?”

“He has joined with the Light.”

“What do you mean?” Elisha Lightning inquired. “How does a person join with the


“I am pursued by a race of moon hunters from the dark moons of Baal,” Solstice said.

“They will track me here. They seek to harvest the power of the Light.”

Hiding behind a nearby boulder, the Paradox Runner was eavesdropping on their


“How very interesting,” he murmured. “Harvesting the power of the Light.”

Paradox Runner zoomed away into the night.

Elisha Lightning ran circles around Solstice in a blur of purple and green lightning. She slid to a halt.

“Pursued?” she laughed. “Trust me, Mr. Solstice with the funky green hair or whoever

you are. No one is fast enough to catch me!”

She zipped away moving at high velocity, throwing mounds of sand onto the flaming

wreckage. In seconds, the fire was out. She raced off.

“You are a super being bestowed with the gift of speed,” Solstice said.

Suddenly Elisha Lightning appeared behind him and placed her hand on his

shoulder. Solstice turned.

“You can say that,” she said with a smile. “But the speed thing comes from a much Higher Power. You seem pretty harmless. Now, how can I help you with this Moon Hunter?”

“You cannot. I am afraid,” he said. “You do not understand.”

“Don’t panic yellow eyes,” she replied. Elisha Lightning wrapped her arms around his

waist and picked him up off the ground. “I know someone who can help us.”

“What are you doing?” Solstice squirmed in her grasp.

“Just hold on,” she instructed. “It’s going to be quite a ride.”

Zwoosh! They disappeared in a flash of lightning and and speed into the desert night.


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