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Hey, Why Is Sin All That Bad?

Some Christians love to talk about sin. And when talking to non-believers about it, the conversation usually goes something like this, “Why is (blank) (blank) (blank) a sin?” or “Why can’t I do (blank) (blank) (blank)?” Or the Christian saying, “Man, you shouldn’t be doing (blank) (blank) (blank), that’s a major sin.” Sin is denigrated down into a long list of things you shouldn’t or can’t be doing. And before you know it, you both are in a conversation you don’t want to be having because you’re not really talking about the thing you want to be talking about which is Jesus. Maybe there is a better way to have a discussion about sin. Or at least break it down into a simpler form.

In a previous blog (check it out!), I shared 4 simple points Christians can use when witnessing to a non-believer or a Christian struggling with their faith. Here they are:

1. God and humanity were meant to be together

2. God wants you to live a holy and meaningful life right here and now

3. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life

4. Humanity will be reunited with God

So before we go any further, can we get one thing straight? Satan hates you. Make no mistake about that one. And why? Because God loves you. It really has nothing to do with you personally. Satan has a gripe with God and he hates you simply because you are one of God’s beloved creations. That’s all he really needs or wants to know about you. Satan doesn’t want to hang out. He has no interest in being your friend. He has nothing to offer, other than Hell. And he really only wants you there so he can torment you. He knows making you suffer, hurts God. But, Satan has a problem. He knows the 4 points mentioned above are true. Satan knows the ending to the story and he doesn’t like it. He loses, big time. And that is what leads us back to our conversation on sin. Let’s approach sin this way:

Sin are those thoughts and actions which separate us from God. From the very beginning in the Garden of Eden, Satan has been trying to separate us from God. He had such audacity that he even tried to tempt Jesus into abandoning God in the desert. He peppers our lives with distractions, false gods, lies, meaningless pleasures all to keep us from focusing on God and fulfilling God’s Divine Plan of bringing us all back together through Jesus Christ. Sin is the only weapon Satan has. He doesn’t want you reading the Bible, praying, going to church or fellowshipping with other disciples. Why? Because then you’ll know the ending of the story too. You will draw closer to God. Sin and evil lose. To prevent that, Satan’s only option is to draw out the timeline to God’s plan. But, you are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. And once you know that, Satan will never be able to snatch you away from God.

So sin isn’t really so much about a lists of “don’t”. And maybe, we should stop framing it that way to non-believers and one another. Avoiding sin is more about strengthening our relationship with God and one another then denying ourselves something we may believe we want. We need God to be the best and holiest people we can be. Yes, we all sin. It happens. But, when we remember that we are all called to play a pivotal part in God’s Divine Plan, that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the doors of Heaven have been reopened to us, we suddenly find the faith, peace and love to roll up our sleeves and build the Kingdom of God. And that’s pretty Good News! What your thoughts?

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