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THE GOLDEN KNIGHT #1: The Boy Is Summoned Part Five

They rode together, Marsonee and Justin, on the road to Rone. It was late evening and the sun was beginning to set on the horizon.

“Will I get to see the King?” Justin asked. “Is he in Rone?”

“In time, all people will see the King,” Marsonee answered. “But, he is not in Rone. The King lives beyond the Great Divide in the Kingdom.”

“Are we supposed to worship him?”

“The King is wise and just. We must be obedient to him. All things exist through the King. In turn, he gives us freedom.”

“Why does Flar not allow the people to speak of the King?” Justin asked.

“He fears the great power of the King,” Marsonee answered. “He knows that if given the choice, the people would choose the King over him.”

“And the Golden Knight, who is he?”

“Hmm…,” Marsonee chuckled. “Has it been so long that this generation has forgotten the tales of the Golden Knight and his Holy Order?”

“There is more than one knight?” Justin excitedly asked.

“Oh, yes, there is more than one knight,” Marsonee replied. “There are twelve knights in all, but the Golden Knight has been chosen by the King to be their leader. Many generations ago, long before your parents even walked this land, the King lived among your people and ruled over them. The Knights of the Holy Order were his champions and the protector of the people. No evil was allowed to form in the Kingdom before the knights would seek it out and destroy it.”

“What happened to them?”

“As with all things, the people eventually turned away from their heroes,” Marsonee sighed.

“And the King believes that I may be the Golden Knight?” Justin asked.

“Only time will tell, my young boy,” Marsonee replied. “That answer is not for me to know. Just the King can truly know your destiny.”

“You have doubts,” Justin said. “I can tell that, you know. You don’t believe that I could be the Golden Knight.”

Marsonee stared at him intently.

“There are great trials ahead for the Golden Knight and for this kingdom,” he said. “If you are to be him, I pray that you will be equal to the task before us.”

“You are very serious to be an angel,” Justin said. “You do know that, Marsonee.”

“And what makes you think that I am an angel?” Marsonee asked.

Justin pointed at Marsonee’s back. “The wings. I mean, they give it away.”

“They can be quite useful.”

“I like the wings,” Justin commented. “They really add something.”

“I am an archangel,” Marsonee said. “We are a higher order of the angels. And we are always very serious beings.”

“Can you tell me more about the Golden Knight?” Justin asked. “I want to know everything.”

“In time, Justin. In time,” Marsonee halted his horse. “It will be dark soon and the roads will not be safe for travel. There is a clearing up ahead. We will camp there for the night.”

“If you’re an archangel,” Justin said. “surely a bunch of robbers doesn’t frighten you.”

“It is not for me that I am fearful,” Marsonee replied. “You have no weapon and I have pledged to my King to see you safely to Rone. We have journeyed far today. Rest will do you good.”

“I will be the Golden Knight,” Justin forcefully said. “I will protect the King.”

“To be the Golden Knight, my boy, one must put the protection of others before thy very self.”


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