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THE GOLDEN KNIGHT #1: The Boy Is Summoned Part Seven

Justin and Marsonee sat around a campfire. Both of them held a stick with a piece of meat on it over the fire. The horses were tied to a nearby tree and a small, makeshift tent made of burlap had been put together.

“It’s hard to imagine an archangel needing to eat,” Justin said, taking a bite

of his meat. “Or being such a good cook.”

“In your world, we must do as you do,” Marsonee replied. “Including sleep.”

“How many archangels are there?” Justin asked. “A couple hundred, maybe?”

Marsonee chuckled and looked up into the night. “No, my boy. Not a hundred. We are as numerous as the stars you see in the sky.”

“There’s too many stars to even count,” Justin remarked. “Have you been in many battles?”

“Oh yes, far too many battles,” Marsonee reflected. “Far too many comrades lost. But, as long as evil makes war on the good, we will stand ready.”

“Can an archangel die?”

“Yes, but not in the sense of your level of understanding,” Marsonee said, taking a bite. “Hmm…still slightly undercooked.”

“Will you train me,” Justin asked, “so I can be a great warrior?”

“No training will be required from me,” Marsonee replied. “Many things you already know. The rest will be revealed to you in the Book.”

“The Book?” Justin questioned.

“The Book contains the laws of the King,” Marsonee answered. “It is a guide to the Kingdom. Only through the Book can the Great Divide be crossed.”

“Is it the source of a knight’s power?”

“No,” Marsonee said. “All of a knight’s power and virtue flows from the King. And powerful, a knight will be. The Book is merely a gateway to the Kingdom.”

“Is the Book in Rone?”

“Unfortunately, my boy, it is not. The Book is in the hands of Flar, the fire lord, who now commands Castle Devon. That is why we must move quickly. If Flar was to discover who is the Keeper of the Book and destroy him, all would be lost.”

“If the Book is not in Rone, then why do we go there?”

“Because that is what I was instructed to do,” Marsonee said.

“You speak in such riddles, Marsonee,” Justin said. “I feel as if I will never understand.”

“Prophecy is never easy to understand,” the archangel answered. “But your willingness to learn and act on faith that what I am telling you is true is encouraging to me.”

They sat in silence for several moments.

“Do you know of Princess Rainna?” Justin finally asked.

“I know she is of the House of Devon.”

“She came to Arter once,” Justin said. “And I saw her. My parents say she does not agree with the rulings of Flar.”

“Did she see you?” Marsonee questioned.

“No, I don’t think so. When her carriage was coming through the village, she dropped one of her rings on the ground and I picked it up. I keep it with me, just in case I ever see her again. It’s been like a good luck charm for me.”

Justin stood up from the fire and walked over to his horse. He rummaged through his saddlebag.

“I have found that no charm can give one luck,” Marsonee said.

“Here it is,” Justin remarked. He tossed it across the clearing to Marsonee who caught it with his large hand. It was a beautiful ring with a large cross in the center. The cross was surrounded with gold, silver and bronze. “You would think she would have come back to get it.”

“And this ring came from the finger of Princess Rainna?” Marsonee asked.

“It did,” Justin said. “I will never forget it. She was so beautiful.”

“Devon Castle is far from here. I doubt that you will ever see her again,” Marsonee said. “Perhaps it is best if I hold onto this ring for now. Go and rest. I will take the first watch.”

“It looks like storm clouds to the east,” Justin said. “Do you think it will rain tomorrow?”

“I see the dark clouds that you speak of. But, they are far off. The sky is clear now.”

“Good night, Marsonee.”

“Good night, my boy, and do not be troubled.”

Justin crouched down and pushed the tent flap aside. He stared at the mighty archangel sitting sadly alone by the fire. Justin crawled into the tent and went to sleep.

Marsonee examined the ring again.

“I have seen this ring before,” he whispered to himself, “but I cannot recall where.”

Several hours passed. Marsonee rose and walked over to a small pile of wood. He collected several pieces and placed them on the fire.

Suddenly, the night was shattered by a scream.


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