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Solstice, the Blue Dove and Elisha Lightning prepare for the arrival of the Crimson Guardian!  But, is this super powered being friend or foe?
Welcome to JC’s Fantastic Multiverse! We're on a mission to bring you and your family the best in original Christian media! If you believe in the intersection between Christianity and geek culture, if you love cosplay, if you love science fiction, fantasy and super heroes, need exciting Christian materials to share with your children, or are a Christian content creator in these areas, we are looking for you! Here you will find an exciting assortment of original Christian superhero/adventure/fantasy book series, amazing merchandise, blogs, video commentaries and original music!  We're only getting started so subscribe to our page for updates on new items!

We are bringing The Golden Knight to Christian television!  Help support innovative, exciting Christian TV by purchasing an item from our online store!

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